What do I need to qualify for an operation in the Czech Republic?

If you suffer from disc hernia or some of lumbar spine diseases recommended for surgical treatment by a physician in your country, but the waiting time is too long for you, passing the operation in the Czech Republic is a solution that can be considered.

In addition, specialists in the Czech Republic are one of the best surgeons in the world, so you can be sure that your illness will be treated according to the latest scientific findings.

Scheme of the entire process:

  1. Your physician's decision on surgical treatment of your lumbar spine disease
    - waiting time too long
  2. Visit of the www.d-connect.cz website and read through the information properly
  3. Decide for the operation in the Czech Republic
  4. Send us an email with description of your problems with lumbar spine indicated for operation by your physician
  5. You will receive detailed information from us by e-mail, how we shall proceed
  6. You will choose the operation date in the Czech Republic
  7. Departure to the Czech Republic
  8. Operation + post-operational convalescence in the Czech Republic
  9. Return to the UK


PLEASE, prepar complete documentation on your disease for the consultation with the Czech neurosurgeon: Medical reports, X-ray scans, CT scans, MRI scans. If you do not have any of these, please state this fact when you contact us!

Overview of possible operation dates (for reference only, no appointments can be made without prior consultation!)

We believe that we shall be able to provide services of top quality that will relieve you of your health problems, and that you will remember us and the Czech Republic kindly.

We look forward to your contact!

Contact information:

D-connect s.r.o.
Terasy V 1209
273 51 Unhošť
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 724 526 159
Email: info@d-connect.cz