Spinal surgery in Czech

Dear client,

Welcome to the D-connect s.r.o. website. We specialize in treatment of health problems in patients who suffer from lumbar spine diseases.

If you suffer from problems with lumbar spine for which your physician in your country has recommended surgical treatment but the waiting time for the surgery in your country is too long, we can ensure surgical treatment in the Czech Republic.

We shall ensure contact with top specialists in the field of neurosurgery in the Czech Republic who shall provide qualified assessment and in the event that surgical treatment is needed, they shall offer you an operation in the Czech Republic, at a specialized department.

We will plan the course of the entire process with you, starting from your departure from the UK, the very operation and convalescence in the Czech Republic, to your returning home. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, we are able to prepare a full itinerary of flights to the Czech Republic and back.


What do I need to qualify for an operation in the Czech Republic?